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This website is operated by Asal - The Original. Throughout the site, the terms “we”, “Us” and “Our” should refer to the company, Asal. 

Asal puts great value in the trust and confidence that our existing and potential customers pose in us, and we do everything possible to ensure that the trust is maintained and the privacy of our customers is never breached. 

This is achieved through: 

When you visit our site, you actually engage with our “services” and agree to the terms put forth by Asal - The Original. The terms apply to everyone entering our site, regardless of the fact whether they have purchased a product or not. These terms and conditions include all terms put forth by our company, including the Terms and Conditions as well as the Refund and Cancellation policy. We encourage you to read our terms and conditions carefully before you access the website. 

The company (Asal) holds the right to update, add or remove anything from the website. The terms and conditions will apply to any new additions to or removal from the website. The company does not need to inform our customers about such changes.

By agreeing to the terms and conditions, you hence declare that you are not minor by the standards of the country you are residing in. And if a minor accesses the website from your device, it will be deemed that he/she has your permission to do so. 

That you will not use our website for any illegal activity, described as illegal by the law of the land. You are forbidden to transmit any viruses or worms to our website, and if found guilty your services will be immediately terminated without prior notice. 

Your information (not including your card or bank details) is not encrypted and might be shared over the network to other platforms.  

The company holds the right to refuse service to anyone, without having to explain the reasons to the customer. We also hold the right to decide the delivery of products, as well as denial of delivery, and the quantity of sale for a certain product.  

The company holds the right to modify services and/or prices of the products on offer, without any prior notice to anyone - including our customers. 

Every purchase, a subsequent return, or exchange will be conducted as per the already laid down return/ refund and exchange policy of the company. Please read the terms and conditions carefully before you make a purchase, which might include a potential return or exchange. 

Our website might provide you access to third-party tools, which we do not regulate or control. Accessing any such tools from our website will be your sole discretion and Asal will have no say in such matters. We are not liable for any breach that might take place at these third-party tools or platforms. 

The company has the right to publish and use any and every picture/text/ video that you might have submitted to us willfully or on our request. We can use such things for advertising and promotional purposes, without having to seek your consent for the same.