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30 Dec Asal Kitchen Chimneys
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In modern kitchen designs, where functionality meets aesthetics, Asal Kitchen Chimneys emerge as a quintessential kitchen appliance. With a perfect blend of innovation, efficiency, and design, these chimneys have become integral components of modern ..
23 Dec The Original Efficiency & Elegance of Electric Kettles
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Winter transforms our routine into a quest for warmth, and in this pursuit, A'sal The Original Electric Kettle emerges as a true blessing. Picture those frosty mornings when the thought of standing over a gas stove, waiting for water to boil, sends s..
16 Dec Asal Cooktops
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Distinguished by their state-of-the-art features, Asal appliances have become an essential addition to households, especially in North Indian kitchens. Asal has successfully positioned itself as a provider of top-notch heating solutions that specific..
08 Dec Solar LED Lamps to Combat Darkness in Kashmir's Winter
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The enchanting winter in Kashmir is often marred by an unreliable power supply. Adverse weather conditions and strain on the electrical grid frequently lead to blackouts, leaving residents grappling with darkness, impacting daily life and safety. In ..
30 Nov Asal Casserole Dishes
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Asal appliances distinguish themselves through their cutting-edge features, establishing them as a vital inclusion in every household, particularly in the challenging winter conditions of North India. Asal has effectively set itself apart by deliveri..
20 Nov A’sal Fan Heaters: Your Winter Warmth Solution
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The beauty of Kashmir's winters is well-known, as the entire landscape is transformed into a snowy wonderland. With temperatures frequently dropping below freezing point, the inhabitants depend on efficient heating systems to guarantee a cozy and sec..
10 Nov 3 in 1 Gas Room Heaters by Asal
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As winter arrives, temperature plummets to bone-chilling levels in North India, reaching sub-zero degrees in the Kashmir valley. Despite bundling up in warm woolen clothes, the cold persists indoors, prompting concerns about maintaining a comfortable..
02 Nov Thermosteel water bottles by Asal
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With the increasing awareness of the importance of drinking an adequate amount of water, the need for reliable and convenient water bottles has also grown. With this thought in mind, Asal devised the idea of thermosteel water bottles. At Asal, we str..
28 Oct Asal Fan Heaters
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The onset of winter in North India begins from late October to March, characterized by a gradual drop in temperatures during the mornings and evenings. Winter is harsh yet beautiful. It is said that God paints in different colours, but He paints the ..
21 Oct 5 must-have Asal appliances for Winter 2023
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Asal, a prominent and trusted brand in North India, has consistently delivered excellence in providing high-quality appliances and home solutions to enhance your everyday life. With a commitment to quality, innovation and customer satisfaction, Asal ..
13 Oct Cooking made easy with Asal
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In today's fast-paced world, appliances that simplify cooking are nothing short of culinary lifesavers. With increasingly busy schedules, the need for efficiency and convenience in the kitchen has never been greater. These appliances not only save us..
05 Oct Autumn Companion - A’sal Appliances
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As the  leaves begin to display their fiery hues and the chill of the morning air announces the onset of autumn in Kashmir, the transition to this season sparks a yearning for warmth, comfort, and the ideal autumn companion – A’sal Electric Appliance..
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