All of us build our homes in a unique, distinguished way yet at the same time, all of us need more or less the same things to do so. The same appliances, the same gadgets with different features, maybe. 

But what everyone seeks while choosing appliances for their home, is originality and quality. No one will ever compromise on these two things, regardless of how they choose to make their home. 

Keeping these two things in mind - originality, and quality - we have come up with a home appliances brand exclusively catering to the human need to have only the best for their families. 

Asal - The Original is the name we have chosen for this venture, keeping in view our core value of providing only the best home appliances to our customers. After thoughtful discussions over basic needs in our homes, we have come up with a wide range of home appliances, each one crafted carefully to match your expectations on quality and design. 

We believe, Asal - The Original is a brand of home appliances you are going to hear a lot about in the coming days for our sheer market leadership based on the quality we provide. 

In this first-ever blog of Asal - The Original, we are going to introduce to you some of our flagship products to give you a feel of how sincere efforts have been put into the making of this brand. 

Asal Gas Heaters: The gas heaters, we at Asal observed, had a major flaw - the safety concern. Most of the gas heaters available in the market fell short of safety parameters and that is where we stepped in. Asal Gas heaters are manufactured keeping a strict check on the quality. No leakage in the heaters, whatsoever, makes them the best in the class. 

Asal Cooktops: After a long and hard look at the cooktops in the market, we understood that the existing cooktops either looked good, aesthetic or are better quality-wise. And we decided to create cooktops - both gas and electric ones - which are pleasing to the eye as well as are sturdy and long-lasting. We have managed to create a huge lineup of cooktops that will not only add to your home decor but will also long last.  

Asal’s hot and cold section: The appliances that claim to keep your beverages hot and cold galore in the market. But do they live up to their claims? We will leave that question for you to answer. What we have done instead, we have answered this question through our exquisite range of kettles and flasks. Our hot and cold range lives up to the name!  

We won’t boast about our products though. We, however, will urge you to choose from our widest range of products and see for yourself what the company stands for and what our name means. 

In subsequent blogs, we will keep you posted about our wide range of products, including Asal heaters, Asal cooktops, Asal Hot and Cold, Asal cookers, and much more. You can reach us through the online medium or you can call us for further business queries.