Asal has the widest range of home appliances, made with utmost care for efficiency and design. Every product at Asal is a masterpiece and we take a certain pride in keeping our products at the top of the home appliances ladder. 

But then, all of us have our personal favorites. While we at Asal cannot choose favorites from our wide range of products, we can certainly suggest to you the best of the three products that you might need this time of the year.   

So, here are the three products from Asal we feel you must have at this time of the year. 

The Electric Pressure cookers: 

Summers are a festive time in Indian households and the importance we attach to food in our festivities is unmatched across the world. At such a time, we need a cooking appliance that is hassle-free and cooks quickly without consuming much energy. 

That is exactly what the electric pressure cookers from Asal have to offer. Not only are they stylish and sleek, but they also consume minimal energy while the food is cooked quickly without any loss of essential nutrients. 

That means the cookers not only add to the decor of your home, but they also save you time, and money as well as help you be healthy. 

Besides, in summers Indian Kitchens can become unbearably hot. These portable cookers give you the option of plugging it at the coolest corner of your home and cooking there. 

The Asal rice-cookers: 

We have the widest range of the most stylish and sleek rice cookers at Asal. These innovative rice cookers let you control temperature and cook your rice exactly the way you want to. 

The ultra-portable rice cookers from Asal give you the option to move it to any corner of the house and cook. Besides, these rice-cookers come in the trendiest of designs and colors to add much-needed allure to your kitchens. 

These are appliances you will love as much as we love our rice. 

Asal Vacuum cleaners:  

Summers can be humid and the dust entering our homes can be too much to handle. To make things worse, the heat leaves us drained and not with much energy to work. 

At such times, the innovative vacuum cleaners from Asal do come in handy. We have made our vacuum cleaners lightweight yet powerful and effective. They are the most portable vacuum cleaners present on the market right now. 

With Asal’s vacuum cleaners, keeping your home clean becomes a child’s play. These vacuum cleaners from Asal do save you a lot of time. And if that was not enough, they also save you money, given the fact that the energy consumed by these machines is the lowest while they are the most efficient in the segment. 

So, if you feel you need any of the above-listed products all you need to do is walk into a showroom and ask for an Asal product. Our products are available at all the leading showrooms. 

Yes, we have a long list of products and we will keep on telling you about other products in our future blogs. For now, if you have any queries you can call us on our toll-free number or reach us through our social media handles. We will love to hear from you!