Cooktops are the most vital appliances in our kitchens, and rightly so because everything in our kitchen revolves around cooking. Over the years, we have seen leaps of innovation as far as cooktops are concerned. 

Electric heaters have witnessed the most innovative changes in the last decade or so. From the simple electric heaters to induction-based heaters and now the Infra-Red heaters - the journey of the electric heater has been pathbreaking. 

Asal, like all the other home appliance companies, has been acutely aware of the innovations in this field and we have been upgrading with the best of the technology available in the field. 

Infra-ed heaters are one of Asal’s most rapidly selling home appliances, given our subtle and sleek designs of this appliance as well as the benefits it provides to the user. Asal has made sure that we provide only the best of the Infra-red heaters to our customers, across the country - North India in particular. 

Faster cooking: Our Infra-red cookers cook three times faster than the average induction cooktop. The faster cooking means that lesser energy is consumed, adding to the savings on electricity bills. 

Cooler Kitchens: Like other heaters, Infrared heaters do not generate heat. In the process of cooking, they also keep your kitchens cooler. 

Even cooking: The Infrared heaters cook evenly. They do not leave any cold or hot spots in the food as the technology ensures every part of the pot is evenly heated and the food evenly cooked. 

Retains nutrients: Asal’s Infrared cookers retain nutrients of the food, along with the moisture. This makes the food cooked in Asal’s Infra-red heaters healthier and more delicious. 

Portable: Asal’s Infrared heaters are highly portable. Given the fact that they do not generate heat, you can use them in any corner of your house without having to worry about heat generation. 

Stylish and Sleek: Asal is known for the best designs, no matter what the product is. We have ensured colorful, sleek, and stylish designs for Infra-red heaters as well. Our Infra-red heaters are available in all leading stores - all you need to do is ask for the Asal products. 

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